Critter from a glove…(said in a southern accent…only I grew up in WA)

(This is a post from a few months ago when I first got my sewing machine… It is one of the first things I ever made… I was hooked!)

Yay! I’m So excited. I finally got a sewing machine…Yay!!! And right away I gave it a try. Mind u I am a complete novice at this but here is one of my first projects.

Ok here it is….I found this pattern for a critter you can make out of a glove. It was the cutest thing. Ok ok so the first one I made came out kinda funky so I’m not gonna post a picture….I’ll post my second one. =D Oh yeah and the link for the tutorial is at the bottom of this blog post! Enjoy!

I stuffed his guts…hee hee

Here’s his head….

Running stitch at the top of the torso…

Walking headless critter

Time to put on your head little guy

Looks so gruesome doesn’t it


Poke ur butt. hee hee

This reminds me of the intro to that movie Coraline.

And here he is….my little critter made from a glove. What do you think?? =D

Next…I made a bunny…or tried to make one haha. The legs were a bit skinny and long but my son loved it…and for now…that’s all that matters….my next project a PURSE. =D

K So here’s where I found it… on Etsy’s very own blog! here’s a link to the tutorial… HERE =D Enjoy!

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