Did I say that?!!?

So in my last post I talked about organizing my sewing/everything room… Well i did manage to take the big screen TV out and move it elsewhere…but I can’t resist my sewing machine… I laid out some fabric napkins I found at the thrift store (which I’m going to be making into an apron…) and then I ended up making some Eating Smocks for my toddlers —- Basically, this is what I’ve been up to…

This is just laid out & not sewn yet. I just had to see if I had enough fabric to make a vintage looking apron. It will have two pockets not just one and I’m not sure if I should put the lace on the front? hmm…

Here’s what I ended up completing:

This one is the first one I made so it’s a little whack… please bear with me here. I’m a NOVICE!!!

here’s the second one i made…

My camera really sucks. I definitely need a new professional one. NOt point and click like this one. But you get the picture…. =D

If you would like to know where I got the idea for these smocks…HERE is the link. I got it at Crafster.com Thank you to indywriter!!! =D

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One Response to Did I say that?!!?

  1. I should get straight to making some of these!! Great job.

    Thanks for linking up with What are little boys made of?

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