How to fold a fitted sheet

I thought this article might come in handy =)

Step 1

Spread the sheet out on the bed and fold it in half lengthwise by bringing the long edges together.

Step 2

Match up the fitted corners that are touching and insert each top corner into each bottom corner. Smooth out the sheet and make sure all four corners are tight and the edges are fairly straight

Step 3

Put your hands inside the tucked corners (like a puppet). Lift up the sheet and bring your hands together.

Step 4

Flip one tucked corner over the top of the other so all four tucked corners are together.

Step 5

Lay the sheet back on the bed and straighten up the side. The fitted corner will be rounded and the two adjacent sides will not be straight. Fold them over just enough so that the sheet makes a square or rectangle with relatively straight edges and square corners. It will be bulkier at the point where the fitted corners are tucked together. Smooth it down as flat as possible.

Step 6

Fold it once lengthwise, once width-wise. Smooth again. Mission accomplished!

Source: Jillian St. Charles, director of

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