Project Cleanup: Unsuccessful

Well So far So much for what I said I was gonna do. All you organization Gurus pleeeeease help! I am trying to organize my craft room, but to no avail.

Basically it’s just a room with the same amount of mess but now in different places. I DID manage to get that old tv out and create a corner for my laptop and sewing machine to both be within arms reach. =D

I also weeded out all the clothing my kids no longer fit into and put my fall attire into a large trunk for future use. I weeded out clothing I no longer use and it is now in a plastic bag for me to go through. ( i hate throwing them away when I can make something out if it.)

I admit I got a little distracted making the boys some smocks, but they were long overdue. The were making a mess of all their new clothes every feeding time. Talk about having loads and loads of laundry! Ugh.

Well… today I am going to give it another try……hmmmm maybe after I finish the apron I was working on…….

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