Some Posts from my past

My latest creations…Ok i know I’m just a novice but I’d like to post these up somewhere so that later on when I get better at sewing i can see how far I have come…you know what I mean? Hopefully some of you will enjoy this journey with me. =D Thank you so much!
Here is a purse and a peasant shirt I just recently sewed up…and also I am including the links where I found the patterns…

This purse I took the pattern from is on this site:
Of course it’s not exactly the same b/c I did it my own way…but i didn’t know how to sew a bag at all. So I just took the basic idea and ran with it…=D
Here is the link for the peasant style blouse….Awesome tutorial by the way thank you to Tess from
Stop by her site for this downloadable .pdf file of the tutorial…
I am actually very excited because each of these cost way under $2 to make! If I knew clothes and purses could be so cheap, I would have bought this sewing maching A LONG TIME AGO.
I’m so happy w/ it. I now have to find my signature piece that I can sell. I love art and that’s what i want to do!
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