Sewing Room Future

SOoooOOO. I haven’t gotten to organizing my craft room yet. I would love to say that it looks like this…

Or maybe even like this….

Even a mess like this I could deal with! It would only take a few minutes to sort through…

But this is what I’m dealing with right now… Grrr Call the clean sweep people::: I need some organization!!!!

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4 Responses to Sewing Room Future

  1. Don’t those perfectly organized craft room just make you drool? Mine is getting there, but the question is… how long will it stay neat? 🙂

    • sewinmama says:

      Very true… I’m halfway there now. But then I got a cramp in my leg—LOL! And I keep getting distracted by all the pretty fabric it’s like a bug flying into a lightbulb 50 times! =D

  2. Abigail says:

    Yours looks positively pristine compared to mine – it doesn’t help I live in a teensy studio apartment so my craft room is also my living room and bedroom! I think it’s got to the point where it’s such a big job I don’t know where to start any more.

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