:::Missing my Machine:::

I am now on vacation after our big move. We moved from Colorado to New Mexico and now are in Arizona for vacation. All the little moments where I am doing nothing have got me itching to craft something. I would love to make a purse right now, or even something as simple as a pillow. I am so tempted right now to go to the store and buy a small travel one…but we limited our spending now, we already went all out on a date night together (my husband and i)… It was super nice!!! My hubby paid for my mani-pedi, bought me a new dress and accessories and took me out to eat at Ah-So (really good! I recommend it!) Then to top it off we rented a Suite, a nice sweet day & night all to ourselves ….no kids 😉  But that was yesterday and it was the only day I WASN’T thinking about sewing =) But now I’m back and I have some down time here typing away and guess what is on my mind right now::::

My sewing machine =(   O how I miss thee.

But for now I will have to place it all in the back of my mind before I am tempted to spend the last of our money on a sewing machine, fabric and notions ha ha ha

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