Just Sayin’

Sensitivity is a symptom of pride…Not sure I really agree with people who have dealt with past hurts taking it out on others by being so sensitive/ easily offended/ or touchy… As much as I love people I am taken back when people respond with offense to any little comment. What is your take….especially when it comes to racial matters? I understand people may have been done wrong in the past, but why am I personally to walk on eggshells for something I personally didn’t do? For example: As I waited for a parent of a student, one parent arrived for her daughter. I had the misfortune of mistaking which parent it was and the automatic response was attitude. She made it clear that she was another’s mother and there was ANOTHER family of the same color. Now, it was not at all what I meant…I was just being nice enough to wait with that student so she wasn’t charged $ for staying extra time at school. I had to seriously go out of my way to awkwardly explain what I meant or my intention. Had it been a person of any other race, I don’t believe I would have been meet with such animosity. =( Not at all my intention, It is my first year working there Full time and I have yet to meet ALL the parents in school.

What I don’t understand is why is there such a high sense of entitlement when we are a country with a huge variety of race. We have all endured our hardships and so have our ancestors. We should be peacemakers, especially those of us who have a personal relationship with the epitome of LOVE—God.

Proverbs 14:17 says:

A quick-tempered person does foolish things,
and the one who devises evil schemes is hated.


Matthew 5:9
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Just sayin’

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