My 5th Grade Art Class’ project

My 5th Grade art class made these. I got the idea, thanks to Holly V. from Lines, Dot’s and Doodles   These turned out great. They got a lot of compliments and the kids did a really good job and actually took their time. 2 weeks time actually…. b/c of spring break in between. I only get them about 45 minutes, 30 really by the time everyone gets seated and they get started after instruction. minus about 5-10 minutes of clean up time if they are cutting or gluing. We started out with tracing the hands and feet on a LARGE paper. make sure feet and hands fit with plenty of space between the hands. Students then drew an oval shape for their head. Small….not proportionate to the hands and feet of course for the 3-D effect.

Faces were drawn proportionate to the actual human head…or as close as possible. I had students make sure they didn’t draw themselves to “cartoonish” real eyes, 3 part nose, nostrils, plump lips or open-mouthed.  Then, details like lines in their hands and the bottom design of their shoes. Then we stepped through drawing the body. leg lines started from the bottom edge of the shoe, same with the hand…connected to the shoulders. Body drawn small as if far-away….the more to the center of the body, the smaller b/c body is bent back in the illusion. I forgot to emphasize the emotion of falling through space. They should be drawing themselves with a scared face. Details on clothing, colored in, then cut out and paste to a larger black paper decorated with “space” items…. allow for creativity. I had a kid put a cow with an astronaut helmet, another put objects in space just for fun, random but funny… a potato, a pizza, a man fishing off the edge of one of his planets. Have fun!

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