Truths for Mature humans

I saw this somewhere and I don’t know where it’s from or who it’s from but I needed to post it. It was too funny, only I wanted to edit it a bit.

1.There’s nothing worse than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong.

2. I totally take back all those times I didn’t want to take a nap when I was a kid.

3. There is a great need for a sarcasm font.

4.HOW in the world do you fold a fitted sheet!??

5. Was learning cursive really necessary?

6. Mapquest needs to start their directions on #5 I’m pretty sure I know how to get out of my own neighborhood.

7. Can we all agree to just ignore whatever comes after blue-ray? I don’t want to have to restart my collection….again.

8. I am always slightly terrified when I exit out of word and it asks me if I want to save any changes to my ten page technical report that I swear I didn’t make any changes to.

9. I hate it when I miss a call by the last ring (Hello…Hello? Aw man!) But when I immediately call back it rings 9 times and goes to voicemail. What did you do after I didn’t answer? Drop the phone and run away?

10. I hate leaving my house confident and looking good and then not seeing anyone I know the whole day. What a waste.

11. I think the freezer deserves a light too.

12. I wish google maps had an “Avoid Ghetto” routing option.

13. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie that I watched when I was younger and then realize I had no Idea what in the world was going on when I first saw it.

14. I would rather try to carry 10 overloaded plastic bags in each hand than take 2 trips to bring my groceries in.

15. How many times is it appropriate to say “What?” before you just nod and smile because you still didn’t hear or understand what they were saying?

16. I love the sense of camaraderie when an entire line of cars team up to prevent a jerk from cutting in at front. Stay strong, brothers and sisters!

17. There’s no worse feeling than that millisecond you’re sure you are going to die after leaning your chair a little too far back.

18. As a driver I hate pedestrians, as a pedestrian I hate drivers. but no matter what the mode of transportation, I always hate bicyclist .

19. Sometimes I look down at my watch 3 consecutive times and still don’t know what time it is

20. Even under ideal conditions people have trouble locating their keys in a pocket, finding their cell phone, and even pinning a tail on a donkey. but I bet you everyone can find and push the snooze button from 3 feet away in 1.7 seconds, eyes closed, first time, everytime!

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Try Recipe Matcher!

Have ingredients but don’t know what to do with them?
Go and try:


This website seriously Rocks!

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Caleb and Janiah having a talk

I love how my boys are so sweet to their little sister. Brother to brother there seems to be quite a bit of sibling rivalry, but with their sister—-nothing but love! Their little voices go up 2 octaves and they just want to be kissing her or holding her. Ah! It melts my heart… to find out how to get them to treat each other that way!

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Ok, I give…

I will give away my new found treasure……free downloads of Digital Scrapbook PNG!!! Yep Lots and lots….especially awesome for those of you who use photoshop. Oh my gosh I love it. I have yet to download all of my “purchases” (they were actually all free) I’m talking Elements, pages, alphabets…SOOO MUCH!! It’s so addicting!
Ok so here is the link~~~ ENJOY!

FREE Digital Scrapbooking Kit - Funky Florals

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My Micah =)

I have just been testing the digital scrapbooking, because when do I ever have the time to do a real one? Well, never. But here is something I came up with. =) Do you do digital scrapbooking? What is it like?

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So, I haven’t been sewing lately…

The last time I used my sewing machine was to make my niece’s tutu and a blanket. I actually had to put my sewing machine away for now. So it is sitting in the box in the garage…… I’m very sad about that. =( BUT with good reason:

I would like to proudly introduce the newest member of our family:

Janiah Dawn ~~ Born March 17th, 2011 ~~~ Yep she’s our Lucky Charm born on St. Patrick’s…We are truly blessed! I’m excited because I have my little girl now.

I would really love to get back to sewing, maybe once summer vacation gets here! I have tons of clothes right now for my baby girl but once she gets a bit older I would really like to make her clothes. But we’ll see how much I can do over the summer b/c as a teacher now I only have so much time.

I am thinking of going full-time next year and I pray that we find a house somewhere closer to our job. 15 minutes isn’t really too bad but it is when you have kids and need to go home sometimes and with these CRAZY gas prices… WOW!

Yep that’s how I feel right now! =P

But I have been having so much fun with my little one. Her big brothers are really excited as well. We all are! So, pretty soon hopefully I will be posting more pictures and posts about sewing. =) But for now It’s all about family…..

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The Faith of a Child—Caleb’s Healing

I was worried last night when Caleb had a fever and said his neck was hurting…all I could think was “please don’t let him have to get a spinal tap” I cried (trying to hide my fear)—

we called the nurse and she said that he could see a doctor the next day, he’d be fine. I explained to him he might have to get a ‘shot’ and he was brave, but then something clicked and he said, “No mommy I won’t have to get a shot because Jesus is going to take my ouch away!” I felt a peace just come over me. “Yes baby, then pray to Jesus to take it

away” So he prayed that night. We had given him some medicine for the fever and it went down very quickly. Today I kept him with me, no fever since last night and little pain this morning…and just now I asked him about the pain he had forgotten all about it and very excitedly he says, “MOMMY! JESUS took my ouch away!!!” He was so excited and said

“the pain is all gone!”  He’s running and jumping around with nothing but a runny nose…I told him to pray and so sweetly he stood there, put his hands together and said “Thank you Jesus!”

Sometimes it takes a child to put our faith in check. Every time a doubt came to my mind

last night all I could keep saying to myself is, it’s so simple and easy for him to believe so just like Caleb I’m going to believe for complete healing!

Mark 10: 15 & 16


15“Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it at all.” 16 And He took them in His arms and began blessing them, laying His hands upon them.

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::Arieli’s Tutu::

Here’s a little project I was working on the other day, a tutu for my niece. It wasn’t too hard, took a little while sitting there and getting it done but nothing drastic. Hopefully it will serve well for some cute pictures. =) Below I’ve listed the link to the tutorial that I used. Happy Dancing!

You can find the tutorial here ——>

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Merry Christmas!

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Happy Holidays! From the Rosado Family =)

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